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Will someone help me ffs

Like please can someone give me an answer. If I took the recommended dose on the bottle to means it would be gone in 10 days. Help me. I really would lose my mind without them I think.

Please I really need an answer because my anxiety is so unbearable

I was prescribed .25 MG of xanax every 6 hours as needed. .25 does nothing for me so I usually take .50 or .75 MG. My doctor also only gave me 40 pills…I have to call and ask for a refill, and I’m already kind of running low. I can handle the small anxiety, not the big stuff. I either need a bigger dosage or more pills. I have an appointment in 2 months and she said that should hold me over until I see her again. Well, um…it isn’t at all and idk what to do. Will they refill my prescription for me?





Katrin Eckermann & FIRTH OF LORNE had two falls this week in Aachen, each time on the river jump.

The first one was during the Nations Cup, the second during the Grand Prix. Firth of Lorne sustained a sprain after his second fall, and Katrin broke her collarbone.

TWICE?! holy fuck….

In that second GIF set, I can totally see where she would have broken her left collarbone based on how she fell! That looks mighty painful…

Thanks Erin for showing me the GP tumble. Christ its so similar….wtf

You can see why I thought it was the water jump in the Nations Cup, because he put a foot the whole way in and it slipped back underneath of him. 

ok i’m done with the messages i have homework to do

Welp my horses are going to continue to be ridden, see a farrier every 6 weeks, have their teeth done every year, shots done twice a year, coggins done once a year, go to the vet when they need to, be fed second cutting nutrient filled hay, 3 pounds of oats 2X a day, 1 pound of fat builder twice a day, see a massage therapist and chiropractor every 3 months, be exercised properly at least 3 times a week, have proper manners as not to harm themselves or other people (much like you would teach a dog to sit, as not to harm itself or other people….WOAH, LOGIC), baths every few days, body brushed, manes cleaned, hooves picked after every ride, coats clipped in the summer and winter to avoid sweating in our below zero winters, which would cause them to freeze and get sick, blanketed in the winter, fly sprayed in the summer, occasional shows (which they look forward to, which you would know if you knew anything about reading horse body language), treats when necessary, proper fitting equipment, basically the best of the best. And you have the nerve to tell me I’m abusing my animals? Right….

my bf likes video games more than me (゚´Д`゚)゚

i drove all the way to campus just to find out class was cancelled





and now I’m having hella anxiety. thanks bitch

Anonymous asked: I am following you because I 100% respect your opinions and agree with them

Thank you kind stranger

i’m so tired and i really don’t want to go to class and i also really don’t want to work tomorrow morning or do homework

why does life make me do these things

it would be nice if my boss would send me the GODDAMN PAPER WORK I NEEDTO FILL OUT

goodbye vegally bitch. have fun spewing your nonsense about horses to some other person who doesn’t care

i really really really really don’t want to go to class today